September 25rd, Wednesday, 8:00-9:30am


The 3rd Wall and the need for Innovation in Architectures


Peter Kogge, Professor @ University of Notre Dame (


Room: Emerald 1


In the past we have seen two major “walls” (memory and power) whose vanquishing required significant advances in architecture. This talk will discuss evidence on the emergence of a new third wall dealing with data locality, which is prevalent in data intensive applications where computation is dominated by memory access & movement – not flops, Such apps exhibit large sets of often persistent data, with little reuse during computation, no predictable regularity, significantly different scaling characteristics, and where streaming is becoming important. Solving such problems will take a new set of innovations in architecture to overcome. In addition to data on the new wall, the talk will introduce one possible technique: the concept of migrating threads, and give some evidence of its potential value.


PETER M. KOGGE is the McCourtney Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Notre Dame, a retired IBM Fellow, and a founder of Emu Solutions, Inc. His research interests are in massively parallel computing paradigms for unconventional applications. He holds over 40 patents and is author of two books. Prior projects included the IOP - the world’s second multi-threaded parallel processor which flew on every Space Shuttle, EXECUBE - the world’s first multi-core processor and first processor on a DRAM chip. His startup, Emu Solutions, has demonstrated the first scalable system that utilizes mobile threads to attack large-scale big data and big graph problems. In 2008, he led DARPA’s Exascale technology study group, which resulted in a widely referenced report on exascale computing. Dr. Kogge has received the Daniel Slotnick best paper award (1994), the IEEE/ACM Seymour Cray award (2012), the IEEE Charles Babbage award (2014), the IEEE Computer Pioneer award (2015), and the Gauss best paper award (2015).