Poster List


  • Posters should be printed in 3ft x 4ft.
  • Please pick up the user and password info for downloading from the PACT registration desk.

  1. SPiDRE: Accelerating Sparse Memory Access Patterns [Paper]
    Adrian Barredo (Barcelona Supercomputing Center); Jonathan Beard (Arm Research); Miquel Moreto (Barcelona Supercomputing Center)
  2. GPU based Near Data Processing for Image Processing with Pattern Aware Data Allocation and Prefetching [Paper]
    JungWoo Choi, Boyeal Kim, Ji-Ye Jeon, Hyuk-Jae Lee (Seoul National University); Euicheol Lim (SKHynix); Chae Eun Rhee (Inha University)
  3. Runtime Adaptations for Energy-Efficient VSLAM [Paper]
    Abdullah Khalufa, Graham Riley, Mikel Lujan (The University of Manchester)
  4. Memory Hotspot Optimization for Data-Intensive Applications [Paper]
    Xi Wang; Jie Li (Texas Tech University); Antonino Tumeo (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory); Yong Chen (Texas Tech University); John Leidel (Tactical Computing Laboratories)
  5. GIRAF: General purpose In-storage Resistive Associative Framework [Paper]
    Leonid Yavits, Roman Kaplan, Ran Ginosar (Technion Israel Institute of Technology)
  6. Tango: An Optimizing Compiler for Just-In-Time RTL Simulation [Paper]
    Blaise Pascal Tine, Sudhakar Yalamanchili, Hyesoon Kim (Georgia Tech); Jeff Vetter (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  7. Quantifying the Direct Overhead of Virtual Function Calls on Massively Parallel Architectures [Paper]
    Mengchi Zhang, Roland Green, Timothy G. Rogers (Purdue university)
  8. Leveraging Run-Time Feedback for Efficient ASR Acceleration [Paper]
    Reza Yazdani, Jose-Maria Arnau, Antonio Gonzalez (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya)
  9. Quiescent and Versioned Shadow Copies for NVM [Paper]
    Zhenwei Wu, Kai Lu, Wenzhe Zhang (National University of Defense Technology); Andrew Nisbet, Mikel Lujan (University of Manchester)
  10. A Collaborative Multi-factor Scheduler for Asymmetric Multicore Processors [Paper]
    Teng Yu (University of St Andrews); Pavlos Petoumenos (University of Edinburgh); Vladimir Janjic (University of St Andrews); Xusheng Zhan (Huawei Group); Mingcan Zhu (The University of Edinburgh); Haozhan Wang (Huawei Group); Hugh Leather (University of Edinburgh); Ning Jia (Huawei Group); John Thomson (University of St Andrews)
  11. Automatic Parallelization Targeting Asynchronous Task-Based Runtimes [Paper]
    Charles Jin, Muthu Baskaran, Benoit Meister (Reservoir Labs Inc.)
  12. A Memory-Access-Efficient Adaptive Implementation of kNN on FPGA through HLS [Paper]
    Xiaojia Song, Tao Xie (San Diego State University); Stephen Fischer (Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.)
  13. Domain-Specialized Cache Management for Graph Analytics [Paper]
    Priyank Faldu (The University of Edinburgh); Jeff Diamond (Oracle Labs); Boris Grot (The University of Edinburgh)
  14. BioSEAL: In-Memory Biological Sequence Alignment Accelerator for Large-Scale Genomic Data [Paper]
    Roman Kaplan, Leonid Yavits, Ran Ginosar (Technion Israel Institute of Technology)
  15. Space and Time Optimal DNN Primitive Selection with Integer Linear Programming [Paper]
    Yuan Wen, Andrew Andersan (Trinity College Dublin); Valentin Radu, Michael O’Boyle (University of Edinburgh); David Gregg (Trinity College Dublin)
  16. An Optimized Predication Execution for SIMD extensions [Paper]
    Adrian Barredo, Juan M. Cebrian, Miquel Moreto, Marc Casas, Mateo Valero (Barcelona Supercomputing Center)
  17. Variable Sized Cache-Block Compaction [Paper]
    Sayantan Ray (Indian Institute of Technology Madras); Madhu Mutyam (Indian Institutes of Technology Madras)
  18. CogR: Exploiting Program Structures for Machine-Learning Based Runtime Solutions [Paper]
    Hyojin Sung, Tong Chen, Alex Eichenburger, Kevin O’Brien (IBM Research)
  19. The Performance Impact of Thread Packing on Synchronization-Intensive Applications [Paper]
    Jinsu Park, Seongbeom Park, Myeonggyun Han, Woongki Baek (UNIST)
  20. A Polyhedral+Dataflow Intermediate Language for Performance Exploration [Paper]
    Eddie C. Davis, Catherine Olschanowsky (Boise State University); Mahdi Soltan Mohammadi, Michelle Strout (University of Arizona); Payal Guha Nandy, Mary Hall (University of Utah)
  21. AR-MMAP: Write Performance Improvement of Memory-Mapped File [Paper]
    Satoshi Imamura, Eiji Yoshida (Fujitsu Laboratoties Ltd.)
  22. Precise Capacity Planning for Database Public Clouds [Paper]
    Ningxin Zheng, Quan Chen (Shanghai Jiao Tong University); Yong Yang (Alibaba Cloud); Jin Li, Wenli Zheng, Minyi Guo (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
  23. Exploiting Multi-Level Task Dependencies to Prune Redundant Work in Relax-Ordered Task-Parallel Algorithms [Paper]
    Masab Ahmad, Akif Rehman, Mohsin Shan, Omer Khan (University of Connecticut)
  24. Pairing Up CNNs for High Throughput Deep Learning [Paper]
    Babak Zamirai, Salar Latifi, Scott Mahlke (University of Michigan)